Sunday, 7 February 2016


IF YOU....

If you have a problem
Do not blame others

If you cannot cook
Do not blame the fire

If you seek attention
Do not get nasty
If not given

If get in a mess
Try to rescue yourself

If others bees hibernate
Do not go poking their nest..

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Out of the blue
You waltz back into my heart

When I am just about over you
You tear me apart
With your smooth talked words
And promises from yesterday

with the sound of your voice
And the things that you say
Away I am swept

I just want to warn you
I hope you mean it
For I have loved you too long
To get none in return
I have love you long
The pain in me burns

So please, just remember
The next time you talk
My heart ,of glass it is made
Love is lies and no rock

So fragile, my heart is
Easily broken by false masks of love
So be sure what you mean
And hopefully truth
Is all you convey

Please do not just
Waltz back into my life
Out of the blue in vain

Sunday, 21 September 2014


OOOOhh dear lord
She laughed cheekly
She said i have a side
She said a darker side
She said i cant be played with
But play with me she can

She had her hands folded
Wrapped across her chest
Shyly she smiled
Telling me where to go

She just called me
I have a dark side
Does she have one?
I bet she does,
Dying i am to find it

I see her smiling
Then i smile too while winking
Each morning as i wander round
The corridors of this place
Thinking of the darker side..


I sat down
My book in hand
Trying a read,
Winds blowing past
Dog walkers passing me by

By the bench i sat
My fruit on the side
Waiting to be munched
Still trying a read

By the bench i sat
With you in my mind
Yet i had a book to read
Your face i could see only

Second day i went
Sat by another bench
Looking at the massive greenery
I thought of you
That sweet voice chiming away
Some sweet calming tunes

I wonder why,
You keep appearing
While i seat on the bench
Right here in the common


They can be muddy
And still give us fish

They can be fiery with waves
But still we can ski in them

They can be very icy cold
But still our thirst
They will quench

They can be infested
With sharks and other killers
But still a life saver

Them waters
Full of sewage they can be
In the end but we drink

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Do not be a beggar of love,
Be a donor of love,
Beautiful people
Are not always good,
Than good people
Who are beautiful always

Rather would sit on a cactus
Than beg for love,
Rather swim with crocs
Than beg for love.

Would rather be single
Than in marriage jail
Would rather die a loner
Than be with a nagger

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Did i read too much
Is it me reading too much into things?
Or my mind of fast forward?
Me hasty decisioning?

Bygones are bygones anyway,
Once the cold waters,
Under a bridge are gone,
Never will be back,
For into one direction
A river flows.

The times were great,
The memories are unforgettable,
The sessions were breathtaking,
The meetings vividly remain

Questions still remain unanswered
Like wind you went
Past like a fast train
Answers i thought i had
Still are unanswered.